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For many years, KW is the embodiment of premium products with setting up and modifying cars. KW offers the widest range of pendants around the world, from sports suspension springs for up to three options screw (coilover) suspensions "inox-line".

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Among other things, KW GmbH is developing a sports components for teams around the world, participating in national and international races.
KW is an important partner for many well-known companies in the automotive industry. A huge amount of tuning studios, small and large manufacturers invariably rely on cooperation and competence of KW.

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The company was founded in 1995, with 3 workers in the state in an area of ​​150 sq.m. Today, KW GmbH is represented all over the world and has approximately 200 employees. After numerous extensions, the company's headquarters in Fichtenberg (Germany), where the main production capacity reaches more than 22,500 sq.m. Continuously growing delivery programwith each passing day includes more and more for new solutions for different car models.

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