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Produced in Germany , luxury alloy wheels from the company KVG Essen.
During the fruitful cooperation with well-known manufacturers of aluminum alloy disks , which lasted a quarter-century , the best minds KVG took courageous decision to start production of its own , a unique series of discs. Their goal was to correct the deficiencies and errors in the design of discs that they believe were present in the products of other manufacturers.
TN 1 TN 3 TN 4 TN 5 TN 6  
TN 7 TN 8 TN 9 TN 10 TN 11 TN 12

Took about a year to plan, study and creation of a huge number of sketches and drafts , so that eventually all participants struck pride because on paper there was a project of the future perfect drive !
 After the release of the first copies and countless tests doubts evaporated. And saw the birth of the next generation of wheels .
The first was the 18 inch series that is recognized , then the world presented 17 inch wheels 19 and then 20 and 22 inch .
In no time the company started production of KVG Essen discs , which eventually named Tomason. TN10 is the new disk from the forge ideas Tomason - massive rims and extravagant design notes allowed to combine irresistible elegance and power.

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