Chip-tuning of Ford by WOLF Racing - now officially in Ukraine and Poland

Chip-tuning of Ford by WOLF Racing - now officially in Ukraine and Poland

Now the company SS-Tuning in partnership with WOLF Racing invites all owners of Ford cars in Ukraine for a high quality chip tuning from leading German tuning studio WOLF Racing.

Motto company WOLF Racing - "Power for the People!" And her more than 30 years of experience is a clear proof of this.
After lengthy negotiations on the details of the partnership and SS-Tuning WOLF Racing, we have agreed on loyal to the Ukrainian market pricing in the service of reprogramming the engine control unit. (500 euros on any firmware, as compared with the price of 800-1000 euros in Germany)
All programs with flashing engines are designed and tested experts WOLF Racing. Charts on all firmware is and soon will be on display separate archive.
List of auto and accessible to them firmware can be found here:


WOLF Racing have years of experience in motorsports and tuning Ford. 
WOLF officially collaborating with Ford Motor Company in the development of new and existing models of Ford tuning. 
One of the most well-known projects is the WOLF Racing Focus RS mk2, converted to all-wheel drive version with a capacity of 512 hp! 
At present the company WOLF Racing Ford advises regarding its new all-wheel drive version of Focus RS mk3 on 350k.s. with the engine 2,3 EcoBoost! 
Most potential engine for Ukrainian market right now is the 1.0 liter Ekobust that installs on almost the entire range of Ford. 
Experts WOLF Racing able to get 150 hp on this engine regardless of its factory forsovanosti 100 or 125 hp! 
Very soon on our youtube channel, we will expose the Stock comparative race and chipped in Ukraine we focus 1,0 EcoBoost!

Stay tuned, and ask your questions here on the mail, or by phone are in the contacts.


04.11.2014 12:33